Let’s see and experience the SAMURAI period!

You can see SAMURAI parade, fireworks and Japanese traditional festival in Matsudamachi.

This tour is provided by the Matsudamachi official.

The mayor of Matsudamachi wants to introduce the traditional culture of Matsudamachi which is very interesting.

If you join the tour ,you will get to take pictures with Samurais the ones who used to gather for Daimyo gyoretsu/regional lord’s procession.

We also will be preparing Yukata(informal cotton kimono)experience for all the flipflops.

We have Train Tour to Matsudamachi festival Aug 22 for Non Japanese families.

Our train tour guide bring you to Matsudamachi for SAMURAI FESTIVAL.

Date:Saturday,August 22nd 2015
Fee:Transportation cost only (meal provided with train tour)

Pick up point:Roppongi station at 12:30pm, Shinjyuku station at 1:00pm, Soubudaimae station at 1:30pm

How to apply…

Please send an e-mail to, and write your name, nationality, phone number, e-mail adress, the number of fellow passengers.